Silk Crepe Saree Gray

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Silk Crepe Saree Gray

Silk Crepe Saree Gray, which is made of 100% pure silk . This Silk Crepe Saree Gray is been made using 100% pure silk yarn, which is made in India. The Silk Crepe Saree Gray has a very elegant look and the feel of wearing this pure silk fabric is very soft. The Fact remain there is nothing as soft of silk and as rich look as silk.

Buying Silk Crepe Saree Gray from Tecsilk you must be rest assured that Tecsilk sells only pure silk sarees, which is manufactured by using pure raw silk.
Be rest assured that the product you buy from us is made from 100% pure raw silk yarn, which is purely manufactured in India.

The name of the product that you are buying the complete descriptions has been listed on the description tab provided. 

The whole process of manufacturing the Silk Crepe Saree Gray can be viewed at our blog where we have detailed and listed out have we have manufactured this

There are many stages, which takes place to manufacture this Silk Crepe Saree Gray 

We recommend you to kindly check the blog if this interest you as to how really this process of manufacturing Silk Crepe Saree Graytake place. 

There are many stages, which takes place to manufacture this Silk Crepe Saree Gray, which is a very traditional way of manufacturing and processing Silk Crepe Saree Gray from Raw Silk Yarn to completing the processing of turning to a complete Silk Crepe Saree Gray that you are buying. For more detailing on the packing and tracking of your shipping , the complete details will shared vai email which gives you a complete information on the current status of the shipping status of your ordered goods.

If there is any special note on the shipping or changes in the shipping of the goods do update us at the earliest before the shipping has been shipped out for delivery. The Delivery of this goods takes minimum of 10 Days , as all the orders placed are processed by one by one which are custom dyed and sold as per your order.

Silk Crepe Saree Gray
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Color Gray
Width 44in
Length 6.5
Printed No
Embroidery No
Manufacturer Tecsilk
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